The knowledge base dashboard enables managers and agents to understand the status of all the articles in the knowledge base at a quick glance. This can help them make a call on how to plan and allocate resources to manage the knowledge base effectively.

A quick guide to working with the knowledge base dashboard

  • To access the knowledge base dashboard, go to the Dashboard tab  

  • Click on the dashboard menu icon  to access the knowledge base dashboard available under the list of default dashboards

  • The dashboard consists of multiple widgets displaying the data of the knowledge base articles

  • The data displayed in each of these widgets changes according to the product or language you choose on your dashboard

  • There only two widgets that display data specific to the agent accessing the dashboard and other widgets display the data for all articles
  • The below table explains the different widgets available along with its scope and the plan in which they are available

Widgets Data displayed Scope
Categories Total number of categories All articles
Folders Total number of folders All articles
Articles Total number of articles All articles Estate
Article feedback Total number of feedback received for all articles All articles Estate
Drafts Total number of articles in draft All articles Estate
Published Total number of articles in published status All articles Estate
In review Total number of articles in review status All articles Forest
Approved Total number of articles in Approved status All articles Forest
Outdated Total number of translated articles in outdated status All articles Estate
Articles awaiting approval List of articles pending for your approval Agent-specific articles Forest
Articles by language Total number of translated and untranslated articles in each language All articles
My recent drafts List of articles you have in draft Agent-specific articles Estate

  • The Outdated widget is displayed only when you choose any of the secondary languages from the language dropdown on your dashboard
  • Click on the number displayed in each widget to access the relevant articles, folders or categories

Note: Any changes to the data will be displayed in the dashboard in realtime