Metrics Overview

Metrics are time series data that are being tracked and aggregated on a regular basis, metrics can be charted over time to view trends. When using metrics in Natero, you always need to define how you want to aggregate the metric (e.g. sum or average) as well as the time frame over which the metric should be aggregated for. 

Chart Explorer

Metrics are available to be used in Chart Explorer for analyzing trends, where you can define how a metric should be aggregated and plotted over what time frame you care about. e.g., Total time spent over the last 90 days, plotted on a weekly basis.

You can also show aggregated metrics broken down by any dimension value in the table view in Chart Explorer. e.g.:

  • Total time spent by each account over the last 30 days

  • Total feature usage of a key feature by each account tier over the last 7 days.

List View & Account Custom View

Metrics are also available to be included in List view and custom view as account columns and shown as a single number next to a list of accounts you define. However, there are limitations/conditions on using metrics in list and custom views:

1. When selected as a column view, you cannot define how a metric should be aggregated and over what timeframe for each account. 

2. Metrics are aggregated by default following the rules when used in list and custom views:

  • Custom metrics: latest value (basically order by timestamp per account and take the latest value for each account)

  • Computed metric: sum over last day's value

  • Periodic metric with timestamp periodicity: latest value (e.g., Logins - latest no. of logins captured over the last periodicity - daily)

  • Periodic metric with no timestamp periodicity:

    • If it is a count metric: aggregate using 'count' over all time (e.g., New alerts - number of alerts created over all time)

    • If it is a time_aggr average: aggregate using 'average' over all time (e.g., Average age of an alert)

    • Otherwise: aggregate using 'sum' over all time (e.g., Total invoices unpaid)

 3. Parenthesis will be added in the UI next to the metric name to indicate which of the above situation is applied to a selected metric. The parenthesis contains one of: 'latest', 'avg', or 'total'.

  • Total indicates: count or sum

  • Avg indicates: average

  • Latest indicates: latest value