With the Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Five9, you can bring your Five9 account into Freshdesk to meet your customer support needs. With this capability, you can:

  • Meet your ticketing needs and extend your Omnichannel capability

  • Offer a seamless customer experience

  • Improve agent productivity

  • Empower admins to improve processes

You can meet your customers where they are and avoid the hassle of having to switch your telephony provider.



  • Available on all plans
  • Set custom Five9 call variables
  • Set up Single Sign-On(SSO) for Five9 In Freshdesk
  • Set the recording path to access the call recordings

A quick guide to integrating Five9 with Freshdesk:

  • Find the Five9 app in the Freshworks Marketplace

  • Click on ‘Install’ to install the Five9 adapter in your Freshdesk account

  • Once added, click on the Five9 icon in the left navbar to load the widget

  • Enter your username and password

  • Choose your station type (for e.g., WebRTC), provide your station number, and hit Confirm

  • Check the functionality of your input and output audio devices and hit Confirm

  • The Five9 agent adapter is now set and ready to use

Note: If you are using Freshcaller within your Freshdesk account, you can disable it for your agents by following the steps outlined here

A quick guide to using the integration:

Call widget - Agent functionalities:

Start a new call

Agents can start a new call by clicking on ‘New call’.

In-call actions

Agents can perform call actions from within the widget itself, like 

  • Putting a call on hold/mute

  • Recording a call

  • Adding call notes

  • Transferring a call to another agent/supervisor

  • Adding other agents/supervisors to an ongoing call 

  • Parking the call, and more.

Channel Availability

Agents can choose the channels they wish to be available for.

Change agent status
Agents can also change their availability status from within the call widget.

Logout reason

Agents can choose the logout reason from the adapter when they wish to log out. 

Manage settings

Agents can manage general settings like 

  • Setting up automatic answers

  • Setting up Greetings and sound alerts

  • Managing audio devices

  • Enabling personal signatures for the text channel

and more from within the widget.

Additional actions

Agents can also perform the following actions from the adapter:

  • View and address messages in the text queue

  • View missed calls

  • View their reminders

  • View past conversations with a contact

  • Start a new conversation with a contact/number

  • Add numbers to the Do Not Call (DNC) list

Five9 custom call variables setup for Freshdesk

You will need to set a few custom Five9 call variables, which will be used to store Freshdesk contact and ticket-related data to maintain context across call transfers. 

A quick guide to creating custom call variables:

  • Log in to five9 VCC admin (JNLP file that you can download from your Five9 account) with valid credentials
  • Go to the “Call Variables” section, right-click and click on “Add Call Variable Group”

  • Provide the name as “Freshdesk” and hit Save.

  • Right-click on created call variable group “Freshdesk” and click on “Add call variable”

  • Create two call variables with the names “contact_id” and “ticket_id” with the default value set to “nil” for both the variables
  • Go to your “Campaign Profiles” and edit your active campaign profiles by clicking on “View Properties of ”

  • Add the created two variables to your campaign layout by going to the “Layout” Tab as shown below (make sure the visible data fields are in “custom campaign settings”)

  • Save and apply the settings.

  • Now go to your “Campaigns” and edit your campaigns by clicking on “View Properties of ”.

  • Update the “Campaign Profile” to “Advanced Mode” and select the “Campaign Profile” to which we added the call variables above.
  • Save and apply the settings.

Five9 SSO Set up

You need to perform the below steps to enable SSO for Five9 in Freshdesk:

  • Log in to Five9's Virtual Call Center(VCC) admin console
  • Go to Actions → configure → Single Sign-on tab
  • Choose your IDP and fill in all the required information


You can refer to the below articles to understand how to set up SSO in Five9:





  • In Freshdesk, open the Five9 Marketplace App settings and configure SSO IDP URL (same as HTTP-Redirect binding URL from VCC admin). 
  • Save the settings and refresh the page.


  • On the login screen, the SSO login button will be available. You can click on it and go to the Five9 login screen.

Five9 Advanced Recording Set up

You need to perform the below steps to enable call recordings for Five9 in Freshdesk:

  • Open the Virtual Call Center (VCC) admin settings, go to Menu → Configure and open VCC configuration

  • Go to Export tab → Advanced Recordings tab

  • Click the ‘Add’ button under the ‘Destinations’ section and add the desired destination. For our use case, we will set the destination as Amazon S3.

  • Fill in the required information under the S3 bucket, and test your setup by clicking on ‘Test’.

  • Select the appropriate time zone; the same/equivalent timezone should be selected on the Freshdesk app settings page too. 

Freshdesk Five9 installation screen:

  • Now, click on ‘Add’ under the ‘Upload Rules’ section.

  • Provide the Rule name and under the ‘Filter’ section, add the required rule for upload. For our example, let us specify to upload the call recording for any call which has “handle_time” greater than 1 second.

  • Click on ‘Add’ under the Destinations section of the above window and select the Destination as S3. Select the Delivery as ‘Individual Recording - Entire Calls’  and provide the Recording file name pattern exactly as specified in the below screenshot.

  • Click on OK and save the changes.
  • Only the prefix needs to be given under Freshdesk app settings. For our considered use case, only `https://.amazon.aws.com/recordings` needs to be given in the app settings page, adding `/{Recording.created_data}/{Call.number}-{Call.call_id}.wav` will be taken care of by the app.