With the Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Genesys, you can bring your Genesys account into Freshdesk to meet your customer support needs. With this capability, you can:

  • Meet your ticketing needs and extend your Omnichannel capability

  • Offer a seamless customer experience

  • Improve agent productivity

  • Empower admins to improve processes

You can meet your customers where they are and avoid the hassle of having to switch your telephony provider.

Integrating Genesys with Freshdesk

  • Find the 'Freshdesk Telephony Partner Extension with Genesys' app in the apps section of your Freshdesk account

  • Provide the Freshdesk API key, choose your region, when you want the ticket to be created, and hit Save

  • Once added, click on the Genesys icon in the left navbar to load the widget

  • Enter your username and password

  • The Genesys agent adapter is now set and ready to use

If you are using Freshcaller within your Freshdesk account, you can disable it for your agents by following the steps outlined here.

Key agent functionalities of the call widget

Interaction functionalities

Agents can start a new interaction, view past interactions, view messages, and more. Interactions stay active for up to two minutes after a call is disconnected. Agents can add notes, disposition codes, etc, during this time frame. 

Change agent status

Agents can change their availability status from within the call widget.

Start a new call/Receive a call

Agents can start a new call by clicking on ‘New Interaction’ and entering a Freshdesk contact name or number. Agents can also place calls to other added Genesys agents. Agents will receive a call only when their status is set to ‘On Queue’

Click to Dial

If agents want to quickly dial a number from the Tickets page or any other page, they can click the ‘Call’ icon next to the number, and it will get auto-populated in the dialer.

In-call actions

Agents can perform the following call actions from within the widget itself during an ongoing call:

  • Putting a call on hold/mute

  • Transferring a call (consult/blind transfer)

  • Record the call

  • Access the dial-pad

  • Schedule a callback

Interactions page

Agents can see a list of active interactions on this page. They can add call notes by clicking on ‘Interaction Log,’ add the contact, and add notes. Agents can also add a wrap-up code once the call ends.


Agents can view and listen to voicemail messages by clicking on User Inbox from the Genesys widget within Freshdesk.

Automatic ticket creation

Tickets are automatically created in Freshdesk for calls and voicemails based on the settings you provided during installation. Call interactions are active for up to two minutes once a call is complete, agents can update notes, disposition codes, add a contact, etc, during this timeframe, and the corresponding details will get updated automatically in the ticket.


Agents can set how they want an incoming call to ring, call forwarding settings, and more using this menu. These are the options for which agents can customize settings:

  • Call forwarding 

  • Notifications

  • Queue

  • WebRTC

Additional actions

Agents can view their schedule, see evaluations, view and listen to voicemail messages, access previous interactions, and more.