This feature is available in Forest Omnichannel

To add effective answers, it’s important to identify all the commonly asked questions from your customers. Then figure out the questions that are better handled by human agents and ones that prompt you to ask more questions to the customer. Let’s take a look at how we can identify commonly asked questions from customers.

How to identify commonly asked questions and add rich answers?

  • List the broad range of topics relevant to your business: Discuss with your team and identify the popular topics and commonly asked questions relevant to your business. For eg., e-commerce companies cover topics like payment, returns and refunds, order information, damaged products, etc.
  • Broaden the scope of each topic by adding relevant questions: Start creating questions under each of these topics. For eg., under the topic ‘Payment’, some common questions include:
  1. Why did my payment fail? 
  2.  What are the different modes of payment 
  3.  How does EMI payment work?
    Cover all possible questions under a given topic and write answers to each one of them. By doing so, Freddy Answers can be trained to learn from a broad range of questions under a given topic to deliver instant resolutions to customers.
  •  Improve visibility for each of these questions: Add different variants or examples of how a question is asked.
    For eg., A customer who's looking to know the payment methods supported by your business could ask 'What are the modes of payment?' or 'What payment options do you support?'. The answer to these questions remains the same.
    Adding examples to how a question can be asked will help Freddy Answers gets a deeper understanding of each question and deliver precise answers to customers no matter how they phrase it.

There is no sync for Freddy Answers between Freshdesk and Freshchat, i.e. the answers and flows you create in Freshdesk will not be visible in Freshchat and vice versa.