This article provides a quick overview of the key features in Natero you can leverage to improve your account management and daily workflow. Some product configurations would require specific role permissions to be able to access. 

Account & Task Management

1. Make sure new accounts get assigned to the proper CSM.

2. Make sure account data is up to date.

  • Correct Account IDs are populated in each system so new accounts will be synced properly from other systems and your product.

  • Update account information (e.g. Stage, Tier, CSM score, Custom Dimensions) maintained manually within Natero.

  • Record/Sync account interactions for a full history of account communication.

  • Use notes to capture account status, feature requests, or other information about your accounts.

  • Use documents to store files and documents related to your accounts.

3. Create account Metrics charts that include KPIs you'd like to monitor for each individual account on a regular basis.

4. Review and manage all the tasks associated with your accounts. Create filtered task views to help you organize and prioritize your workload. Make sure task notifications are turned on to receive email reminders about new, reassigned, updated, or overdue tasks.

Proactive Alerting & Process Tracking

1. Use alerts and playbooks to help you stay proactive on important account scenarios (e.g. slow adopters or upcoming renewals).

2. Use workflows to help you track and manage key account processes such as onboarding, renewals, or QBRs.

Customer Health Scoring

1. Configure account health scores to capture the health of your accounts.

2. Understand/monitor individual account health scores

Reporting & Dashboards

1. Account views: Create custom views to help you monitor and manage accounts by key segments you care about: a) accounts with upcoming renewals, b) onboarding accounts that are not engaged, and c) accounts that have low health score and low activity, etc.. 

2. Charts & Analytics: Leverage Chart Explorer to uncover usage patterns, compare usage trends over time, and understand customer behavior within your product.

3. Create Executive Dashboards to track and present KPIs to the CSM team and executives.

Ongoing Customer Nurturing

1. Nurturing campaigns: Create targeted email campaigns to nurture accounts based on their specific usage behavior, lifecycle stage, or other criteria.

2. Email triggers: Setup automated emails to your customers based on their specific behavior.